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Message from Our President

Dr. Habiba

As I write this letter, Canada faces a wide range of serious social issues including a global pandemic, climate crisis, a reckoning of racial inequity, poverty, homelessness, Islamophobia, hate crimes, and public safety. Amid these underlying factors, we created IMPACT in February 2022. IMPACT is determined to be part of tackling these serious issues head-on. True to IMPACT’s guiding philosophy we will pursue solutions by leveraging our unique approach, perspective and expertise to develop implementable policies that promote institutional reforms. We will strive to meet the expectations of our stakeholders to help answer the what, why, how and when questions for economic improvement, social benefits and environmental impacts. For our team, w will prove how much our purpose matters and show the difference our actions can make in the face of our society’s most pressing challenges. I am proud to lead an institution rooted in research, practical recommendation, targeted advocacy and empathetic analysis.  

It is a privilege to take the helm of this extraordinary institution and work with such a brilliant team from diverse backgrounds, at a time when the need for diversity is enormous and growing.  We are well positioned to help roll back the devastating social and economic costs of inequities and to find sustainable ways to prevent their recurrence. I envisage IMPACT’s position as the first port of call for policy research analysis, the top source of fresh ideas on the high-profile challenges of the day, and a voice drawing attention to those at the bottom of society.

I’m especially pleased to assume the presidency at a time of exciting innovation. We plan to create an innovative hub of experts specializing in different policy issues, generate research across diverse areas, and develop funding ideas aimed at attracting philanthropic support for solving some of the most intractable problems of our time. We will propel policymakers to early action, focus on identifying specific policy changes, and use our advocacy and communication tools strategically to effect those changes. Building partnerships with like-minded organizations will also be vital and we hope to dedicate increased resources towards this cooperation to realize some of our important goals.

I want to thank our Board members, who encouraged us to leverage our tremendous assets and create space for bold initiatives and efforts in crafting a path forward to deepen this important work and to maintain the quality, intensity and visibility of work that is expected of us in shaping the future for a fairer and equal Canada. The honour of leading IMPACT is especially great, as I will be moving forward with our team who continue to inspire, mentor and empower me in my path as IMPACT’s president and CEO.  I look forward to working with external organizations and continuing to excite them with bold ideas that they can invest in.

As I assume leadership of IMPACT, I am mindful of the important conversations happening in many institutions about diversity, equity and inclusion, especially at a time when a global pandemic has aggravated inequality and caused us to rethink how we work, communicate and treat one another. We must protect our treasured sense of community and invest in our most cherished asset--our people. To me, this is vital and is something we will incorporate at IMPACT. As a woman of colour, I am immensely proud to be IMPACT’s first leader, grateful for the expressions of support I have received from the team and honored to receive kind words about what my role means to them. My success is yours, too.

I look forward to your continued support and engagement in reaching our goal. Our purpose will always guide us, and our values will push us forward toward that better future we all believe in. I end with a message to my colleagues, the IMPACT Institute of Canada family. Together, we can rise to new heights, blaze new trails and continue to fulfill the mission of IMPACT to bring people to the table and create a safe space for insightful dialogue that propels equality of opportunities and hope. I look forward to leading with you all in this most humbling mission.

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