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Our Approach


As our name indicates we provide Integrative Models for Policy Action; IMPACT. Our process model aligns with models used by Governments to assist all levels to determine project needs and outcomes.  We develop sustainable models to evaluate the effect on greater public value in the areas of economic, social, and environmental policies.  Ongoing  monitoring and evaluation processes are put in place to assess effectiveness and ensure continual improvement for the programs developed.  Our aim is to provide effective and efficient policy development and implementation that is sustainable.  

Phase 01 - Assess Process Outcomes

Phase 01 is the discovery phase where the challenge and/or initiative is evaluated, and outcomes are identified. Within this phase we identify issues, the core problem, and primary outcomes. IMPACT will gather information on public awareness as required, and will mobilize talent as needed to fully evaluate, document and communicate the key issues, impacts and success criteria.  

Phase 02 - Recommend Sustainable Business models and/or Policy Models

Recommended sustainable Business (resolution) models, relates primarily to an implementation plan. This plan includes strategy, process, and actions required and the steps the team will use to achieve the desired objective. Our plan covers all aspects of an initiative including:
  • The identification of what innovative products or services are desired
  • The identification of resources required and plan to enhance skills and knowledge capacity
  • The funding requirements, expenditure profile and expenditure timeline

Phase 03 - Evaluate the Effect on Greater Public Value

In this Phase, IMPACT will monitor and evaluate the performance of the Phase 2 implementation and recommend improvements as necessary.  The evaluation is completed in the context of our three pillars of sustainable development as illustrated below.  The program evaluation and improvements will be performed in conjunction with key stakeholders, using a jointly approved governance model. 


We develop an evaluation matrix as follows being cognizant of the three pillars, economic, environment and society.

Evaluation Matrix Template

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