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Dr. Habiba Mohamud

Dr. Habiba Mohamud is the President/CEO of IMPACT Institute of Canada, and has spent the last 13 years in the public service applying her skills, knowledge, and passion contributing to evidence-based policy development for the Government of Alberta. In 2018, she was honoured to receive the Alberta Premier’s Public Service Award, in recognition of her work in the area of public policy innovation. Her research interests revolve around internal displacement, transnational migration, sustainability living condition for everyone, social class, and social justice. Habiba’s fundamental belief is to provide an understanding of complex feedback on socio-economic and environmental context, identifying cause-effect relationships with models and indicators in partnership with stakeholders that require clear understanding of the problems to be solved, important risks and uncertainties, comprehensive “big picture” effects and potential trade-offs of alternative solutions. Habiba holds a PhD in Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta; MA Rural Sociology, University of Alberta, and a BSc in Agriculture, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya. Although Habiba is honoured to hold membership in the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society and continues to be a collaborator with the University of Alberta on Immigrant Health Research and Gender Relations in Immigrant Families, she has not been able to curtail her activities to purely academic pursuits. Habiba’s commitment to community and family well-being and her strong belief in giving back is appointer to her devotion of much of her time volunteering with grassroots organizations assisting youth and immigrant families with their settlement in Edmonton.
Her energy, vision, and philosophy of diversity and inclusion are emblematic of the representation she feels honoured to provide to vulnerable individuals and families. The compassion Habiba shows to the multicultural community she serves is an inspiration for us all.

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