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Integrative Model for Policy Action

IMPACT Institute of Canada

IMPACT Institute of Canada

IMPACT Institute is a non-profit community-based research organization poised to fill a national need for fresh and independent thinking about large and unsolved problems that confront Canadians in the new 21 century.
Hardships stemming from systemic racism, poverty, or other adverse experiences from social structures are examples of negative influences on a person’s well-being.
We can do better in Canada. IMPACT is committed to working with our governments and partners to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchange ideas and best practices on how to address our current challenges and build resilient communities. While we cannot stop shocks from happening, we can increase our focus on strengthening individuals and community capacities to withstand and recover from disturbances.
IMPACT Institute is grateful to its partners for their support and collaboration on Canada’s resilience and for bringing their expertise, insights, and networks to bear on  initiatives of national importance.

Our Mission

IMPACT provides scientific and community-driven research, briefings and action plans to address issues of socioeconomic and environmental protection.  Through an approach based on bringing together experts in engineering, economics, environmental sciences, agriculture and racial relations, we provide cross disciplinary evaluations in order to address root causes upon which we can develop actionable strategies that remove barriers, encourage growth and opportunity to all members of Canadian society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the partner of choice for providing research, advocacy, delivery of implementable strategic policy and education.
We strive to have a society that is open, equitable, diverse, inclusive and free of discrimination.  Our vision is to achieve equality for all.

Our Values

At IMPACT we value:
  • Academic independence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Humanism and humanitarian ideals
  • Treat clients, and beneficiaries with dignity and respect.